Carry-On Essentials

CARRY-ON ESSENTIALSnewnewnewnewnwew

  1. 22 inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On
  2. Sole Society Mason Weekend Bag
  3. Kate Spade Striped Backpack
  4. iPhone 7 in Rose Gold
  5. iPhone Charger/USB Cable
  6. Portable Phone Charger
  7. MacBook Air
  8. T3 Straightening Iron
  9. Nikon d5600 DSLR Camera
  10. Revlon White Hair Brush

It’s Thursday, which means in one week, I will be in Los Angeles, and I CANNOT contain my excitement!!! I have never been to California, and I have always wanted to go; so, I am soooo beyond excited!! This trip is actually my Christmas gift from my boyfriend, Clancy. On Christmas day, Clancy surprised me with plane tickets, and I seriously almost started crying!! I can’t believe it’s already almost here! I CANNOT wait!!

And, I can’t wait to share this experience with y’all! We will be there for 6 days which doesn’t seem like enough time to do everything we want to do, but we will make it happen! I’m not going to share what exactly we are doing until we are there and actually doing it. I just feel it’s more fun that way!

Then, once we get back from California, we will be making our way to New Orleans for the weekend with some great friends! There’s a lot going on in the next couple of weeks, but I can’t complain! It’s going to be a blast!

With traveling, there is packing. So, today, I am sharing some of my carry-on essentials! Whether your carry-on is rolling luggage, a backpack, or a duffel bag, your most important items should be packed in your carry-on (such as electronics). Although I try not to, I always tend to travel heavy. I always feel like I need more than I actually do. With that being said, for this trip, I am going to try to pack as light as possible. Wish me luck!

Have you been to Los Angeles? If so, any suggestions?? Where are you going this summer? I’d love to know! Have a great day!



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