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I am finally getting around to sharing our California trip! I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles, and Clancy knew that. He had been there a million times before; heck he used to live there. But, last Christmas, in 2016, Clancy surprised me with plane tickets to L.A. I was sooo amped!!! I could’ve cried! We decided we would go in July (this past summer) because I saw that our absolute fave, Jack Johnson, was going to be performing in Los Angeles on July 16, 2017. So, we basically planned our trip around that date so that we could see Jack Johnson, since I hadn’t seen him live before. Sooo, I surprised Clancy with tickets to see Jack, and y’all, I was literally in tears (of joy) because I was able to get THE BEST TICKETS!!!!!! I tried so hard to get tickets through the pre-sale they were having, but had no luck. But, there ended up being a second pre-sale the next day, and I actually got tickets!! Not only did I get tickets, but I got tickets in the second row!!!!!!!!!!! How insane is that?! I could NOT believe it!! Funniest thing is, is that I was at Clancy’s house while I was trying to get these tickets, and Clancy was in the bathroom. I didn’t know this at the time, but Clancy was trying to surprise me with the tickets at literally the exact same time! He wasn’t able to get any, but it didn’t matter because I was actually able to get AWESOME TICKETS!!! When I saw my purchase of the tickets go through and got the confirmation email, I LOST IT!!! I was jumping up and down continuously and crying and laughing all at the same time because I just could not believe that I finally got tickets to see my favorite singer/songwriter and it was second row!! Not only that, but I was also going to California!! Clancy came out of the bathroom, and I could not contain my excitement, I literally could not wait to tell him. So, I immediately told him, and he was super excited, but he was also a little upset because he was trying to surprise me with the tickets, but they sold out too quickly. I beat him to it! Haha! Anyways, we were super excited and couldn’t wait to go! We booked our Airbnb and started planning out our trip and were ready to go!

When we first arrived to L.A., after leaving the airport, we immediately drove around L.A. so that Clancy could show me where he used to live and work and all that jazz. This was the first time he could actually share his experiences with someone literally. And, I was excited to see where he used to live and the things he used to do when he lived there. I was so glad, and I know he was too, that he finally got to share his memories and have someone he loves with him to share those memories and experiences with.

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On the first day, we drove up to Hollywood to hike up the Hollywood hill. It was a tad confusing at first, but thanks to Youtube we made it! If you’re interested in the route we took to get to the Hollywood sign, here’s the link: Hollywood Sign. The hike was a little tiring, but it was soooooo worth it! You will never get a view like that where I’m from. It was one of my most favorite things we did in L.A.


On the second day, I went to a blogging conference, Simply L.A., that I had planned before our trip. It took place on the rooftop of The Grove which had insane views as well. To be honest, I was super nervous to go at first because I didn’t know anyone, and I’m not a very confident person to begin with. But, it really was a great experience and an opportunity for me to grow as a blogger and as a person. I mean, one of the reasons I started my blog was to get out of my comfort zone and get inspired as well as inspire others. So, it was definitely a great experience. I was able to meet incredible people and learn so much! I am super grateful for the experience. I would definitely go back! If you are interested and ever get the chance, you should for sure attend this conference!

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So excited to have met the beautiful, Becca Tilley! (Those of you who are Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, she was on Chris’ and Ben’s seasons)

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On the third day, Clancy and I went to Naples Island, a quiet, peaceful, quaint place tucked away in Long Beach, California. It was so cute, and there was such friendly people there. We just walked around the canals soaking up the sunshine. We would have never thought or known to go there if it wasn’t for our amazing Airbnb hosts! When we arrived to our Airbnb on our first night in L.A., we met our hosts and started talking. They suggested some places outside of L.A. that we should visit, and the two places that stuck with us were the Naples Island Canals and the Wayfarers Chapel (where Clancy ended up proposing, see our engagement here). So, thank you Chris and Rosa for your great suggestions! Anyways, definitely visit Naples Island if you ever get the chance. It’s so nice and peaceful and you’ll feel like you’re in Italy!

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Next, we went to Wayfarers Chapel, a gorgeous glass chapel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. This place is so unreal. It’s literally like a dream! Maybe I’m biased since it holds such a special place in my heart because I got engaged there. But, really, Clancy could not have picked a more perfect place to propose. If you missed my engagement story click here. After getting engaged to the most perfect man, what other way to celebrate than with a little bit of Jack Johnson, or as Clancy would say “Jackie G”. We headed to the Hollywood Bowl, to see our favorite singer/songwriter perform. We knew we had second row seats, but we didn’t know that we were literally a foot away from the stage! That was so unreal!!! Literally the best day ever! Engaged and got to see Jackie G? Maaaan, such a dream!!! And, I’m so excited because he will actually be in The Woodlands in April for his 2018 tour, and guess what?! That’s right, ya girl got tickets to see him again! It’s not second row, but I’m not even mad about it! Seeing him live is so awesome no matter where I’m sitting. In conclusion, July 16, 2017 will be one to remember forever!

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We spent our fourth day visiting San Clemente, Santa Monica, and Hollywood Blvd.  When Clancy lived in Los Angeles, years ago way before we ever met, he visited San Clemente and loved it. And, over the past five years that we’ve been together, he has always wanted to take me there to experience it with me and share his memories. San Clemente was cool because it was smaller and calmer than L.A. I don’t know, it just had this cool vibe to it. Like, it’s the type of place I would want to live and raise my kids in [lol]. That may sound weird, but that’s just how I feel. Maybe it’s because when we were there we really just walked along the small beach and watched a group of kids play. There was a lifeguard program for kids. So, basically imagine a bunch of little lifeguards running around playing and having fun doing different activities. It just seemed really fun and cool to raise your kids in that type of environment. That’s really all we did in San Clemente. It may sound boring or dumb to some people, but it was actually very enjoyable. Me and Clancy love to people watch and just think about the future and talk about our dreams, so really that’s what we did there and it was awesome.

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Then, we drove to Santa Monica and walked the beach. Ps the beach is huge! I never would have thought there was so much sand before getting to the actual ocean! In Florida, the ocean is right there, there’s not a ton of sand before getting to the actual water, so that was different to see so much beach! And, lastly, we went to Hollywood Blvd. We just walked up and down the blvd and shopped a little. There were sooo many people which I didn’t really like because it was so overwhelming! I could barley walk! But, it was cool to see everything that there was. There was actually some type of movie premier for some new movie. I can’t remember the name of the movie, but Cara Delevingne plays in it and Rhianna I think. I wasn’t really able to see because of all the people, and I’m short, but Clancy was able to see Rhianna. So, that’s pretty cool!


On our last day, we made our way to The Price Is Right! Guys, I cannot stress enough how fun it was!!!! I would have never thought it would be that fun! Everyone was so excited and pumped which made me want to be excited and pumped. It’s like we all fed off of each other. Such a great experience!! We didn’t get chosen to play, but the experience itself was so much fun!! We sat a couple of rows behind the contestant area. Our episode actually aired on September 27th, but if you’d like to see us cheering and screaming and being really awkward [hahaha] you can watch it here.

IMG_2023 (2)

Next, we went to Paramount Studios, which was really interesting and cool. We learned a lot about different movies and filming in general, and we got to see where a lot of movies and shows were filmed. And, we even got to see some props from movies like Transformers and Benjamin Button. They were also filming a bunch of shows at the time that we were there, like This is Us, but we didn’t see any celebrities haha. Next time, I’d like to go to Warner Bros. But, Paramount Studios was really interesting, cool, and fun! After that, we went to Rodeo Drive and just walked around a little and got a little Ice Cream. Then, we ended our day at the Griffith Observatory. The Observatory overlooks all of L.A. which is sooo cool. And, It was night time, so we were able to see Los Angeles all lit up! Such a cool place! And, such a great way to end our trip!

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If I had one complaint about the trip, it would just be the traffic was so horrible! Some of the things we wanted to do we couldn’t because traffic was so bad. Like, for example, we would only be about 5-10 miles away from where we wanted to go, but it would take an hour or more to get there just because traffic was so bad. Maybe it was just the time of year that we went. I mean we would wake up early and leave around 7:00 a.m. everyday, and we would be gone all day until about midnight. But, if you ever go to Los Angeles, just make sure you plan your day wisely and manage your time wisely if you want to avoid bad traffic.

All in all, it was an AMAZING trip, and I can’t wait to go back! If you guys have any suggestions on where else to go around Los Angeles or in California, please let me know!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Courtney

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