Viva la Velvet

Happy Tuesday everyone!

If any of you follow my instagram account, (@courtneytailored) then you probably saw that I was stuck in traffic for over two hours yesterday. Crazy right?! And, I’m talkin’ non-moving, completely stopped traffic. We maybe moved like 20 feet within a two hour time frame. I’m still not completely sure what caused the traffic, but I was told by a couple of people that there was a wreck on the other side of the bridge causing the delay. If that is the case, I hope that everyone involved is okay.

Since there was traffic, I sadly missed the first half of The Bachelor last night, but it’s okay! At least I got to see the second half instead of nothing at all, haha!

Anyways, any of you like velvet? I used to be a little iffy about it, but I have grown to actually love it! It is such a soft and fun material and it adds some different texture to an outfit. It’s always a good idea to mix materials with your outfits. In my opinion, you never really want to wear the same material throughout an entire look.

For instance, you usually wouldn’t want to wear a silk top with silk bottoms (unless that’s the look you are going for of course, it really just depends–I mean, I am all about some denim on denim). Most of the time, you would want to mix it up, like a silk top and denim bottoms or velvet bottoms. Honestly, in my opinion, there are no rules in “fashion.” So, what I am saying isn’t really a standard or a rule or anything. It’s just simply my opinion. I mean, shoot, some people say not to mix prints, but I absolutely love mixing prints! So, really, style is all a personal preference. Everyone has their own style and their own definition for “fashion.” Just, be yourself and wear what you like. Find a style tailored to you. Express yourself without caring what others think (<— something I am working on myself).

Woah, sorry, I feel like I kind of went off into a different direction hahaha! I went from talking about velvet to talking about defining fashion, hahaha! Sorry about that! Don’t mind me, I’m just rambling.

Anyways, yes, velvet is great. You should scoop you up a piece that’s made of velvet and try incorporating that into your outfits!

Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!! Thank you for stopping by!!

Sweater: French Connection | Pants: Madewell | Boots: Steve Madden | Sunglasses: Madewell

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