Hello all! My name is Courtney Taylor, and this blog is tailored to me and my style. You will find that my style varies from comfortable and casual to soft and feminine to a little edgy. I really just wear whatever I like, and it usually falls under those categories. Ever since I stumbled upon my first blog, back in 2011, I have wanted to start my own fashion and lifestyle blog. But, the thought of putting myself out there terrified me. After years of debate and trying to figure out what I wanted in life, I finally decided to start my blog. I am obsessed with shopping and creating, and I am super excited to share my style and ideas with you.

It is important to do what you are passionate about, even if you are afraid of judgement or failure. You have to just start and see where it takes you; otherwise, you will never know. I hope that you will follow me through this journey, and I hope to inspire you through this little blog of mine.